Moving Forward

August 12, 2012

Hello All,

We haven’t posed anything on the site for too long. Campbell
is still in Afghanistan so we have let the public information slide off. We
wish we could post more often but given the War and a slew of other events in
our stateside teammate’s lives it has just fallen behind. We wanted to give you
all a quick couple of updates:

We have had 3 Rounds of Prototype beer tastings
so far, and we we’re happy to see for most we’re very well received and people
have very different likes when it comes to beer.  Generally the more popular beers are the pale
to brown ales. The Brown Ale was the most popular so far.

A building is required and it looks like we are
going to make our final decision on the location in the next 30 days. This is a
really big deal and we have been looking for almost a year now for the proper
home for New Buffalo. I can’t say where just yet but as soon as decided I’ll
post again.

Getting a buzz. Not from our beer but about The
New Buffalo Brewing Co. We could have beer out in the bars as soon as February
at this point. To do that we need to have people ready for it. Please keep telling
your friends/random strangers to like our facebook page and follow us for more information.

We are still missing a key player in our team
and that’s someone in Sales/Accounting. The position isn’t a traditional sale position
by any means.  We’re building a small
elite brewing unit and each player has to be able to pick up the ball and run
with it.* On a given day if we don’t have sales things to do we’ll expect you
to pitch and clean kegs, or toss grain. We’ll be looking bring on this member
in February/March.   

Thanks for following us and we’ll post more soon.

*There make be a running with beer test at interview.