March 15, 2012

New Buffalo Brewing Co. Merchandise For Sale!!

We are proud to announce the arrival of our new merchandise!  Enjoy your favorite brews in style with a set of New Buffalo Brewing Co. Beacher Glasses.  Get your swag on with the first t-shirt from our signature New Buffalo Brewing Clothing Line.  Last, but certainly not least, hook up your Man (or Wo-man) Cave with one of our newly designed New Buff Brewing Posters...a true work of art created by Michael Gelen of Inkwell Studios.

Please visit Kegworks to purchase these items

Working with Kegworks has been a great experience.  The goodwill between Buffalo-based companies is truly astounding.  We were put into contact with Kegworks via Joe Murphy (from Ingenious, our website designer).  Without Kegworks, we wouldn’t be able to ship our great merchandise.  Please take a moment to browse our selection as well as the Kegworks site for some truly wonderful gifts.

From a pair of New Buffalo Brew beacher glasses to kegerator conversion kits, can meet all of your shopping needs!